Fees & Insurance

Pricing, of course, is a very important issue for every client.  There are so many variables, depending on your individual situation, past OB/Gyn history, the stage of your pregnancy, where you wish to deliver, etc.  I am an “out-of-network” provider for all insurances. Many insurance companies have “out-of-network” benefits and will often cover between 70-80%  of the total prenatal and delivery costs.  It is very important that each client be aware of any possible deductible or co-insurances fees associated with maternity care.  Please verify your coverage before contacting me. If you do not have “out-of-network” benefits, you might be able to apply for an exception for your maternity care.

For this reason, I recommend to all of my clients that we have an individual phone or email consultation, at no charge, to discuss the total prenatal and delivery fees so that I can make an accurate assessment of your situation. I am also willing to meet you in my office for a $75 – 30 minute consult visit.

Fee Schedule

Initial Annual visit – $250

Office visit – $150

Family Planning visit – $150

IUD insertion – $250 + cost of device